About Us


We are a group of Arizona Runners with a social media addiction!  We combine the inspiration, advice, and support from an online running community with the close friendships made from meeting local runners.

We meet up once or twice a month to run/workout.  And we like to change the locations each time, trying out new routes, new workouts, and always keeping things fresh!  One weekend we may be in your backyard… and in a whole new spot the next. Best way to stay motivated is to try new things!

The group offers a run or run/walk option.  So all levels are welcome!  Our people range from ultra marathoners to beginners so no need to worry about fitting in.

After our run/workout, we of course love to EAT!  Since we’re always trying out new running routes, it’s always a great opportunity to try out new restaurants too.  And we love to keep it local.

Afterwards, the fun continues online! We share our weekend adventures on social media and on our personal blogs.  Essentially we become a 24/7 resource to runners looking for guidance, motivation, or even just entertainment!

So follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and look for the #RunEatTweetAZ!  And come join us for the fun!